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UM Paraguay Wins Arcor Food Manufacturer

April 16, 2014

arcor-logo1UM Paraguay is proud to welcome Arcor. The food manufacturer has a long standing relationship of over five years in Latam, where IPG Mediabrands’ agencies have been offering services across markets including  Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

“Adding ARCOR as a client for UM in Paraguay represents an outstanding achievement for our network. The Paraguayan market has been undergoing a dynamic business evolution over the past few years and IPG Mediabrands is focused on accompanying this development with investment in talent and best practices for all its clients,” said Pablo Rodriguez, President, LATAM, World Markets, IPG Mediabrands.

Mariana Brugo Marcó, Media Manager of Arcor, said, “At Arcor we are working towards enhancing professionalism in our brands’ communication at a regional level to unlock synergies through seamlessly coordinated management across the countries in which we have a presence.  Our decision to work with IPG Mediabrands is totally aligned with this strategy.”

Arcor is the largest food manufacturer in Argentina.  With 39 manufacturing centers, not only is it one of the main candy manufacturers in the world, but also the #1 candy exporter in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. Grupo Arcor has a daily production volume of three million kilograms (over 6.6 million pounds) and its brand reaches over 120 countries worldwide. Arcor presently employs 20,000 people and its 2013 revenues reached U.S. $3.4 million.

Congratulations to UM Paraguay!

Daryl Lee Named to Cannes Media Lions Jury

April 16, 2014

Daryl_Lee_118purple UM is proud to announce that Daryl Lee, Global CEO, has been named to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Awarding Jury in the Media Lions category.

The Festival, which follows a rigorous, international selection process, invites more than 300 members of the creative communications industries to Cannes Lions to serve on various juries. They will review, judge and award all work that is entered.

“To be named to the Media Lions jury is both an honor and a privilege,” said Daryl Lee, Global CEO, UM. “The Cannes Festival celebrates the very best of our industry, to be part of the judging process and to be able to recognize the work that expresses the new creativity of media in the world today will be the highlight of my Cannes 2014 experience.”

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will take place from June 15 to 24, awarding prizes in 17 categories. The Media Lions Awards will take place June 17, 2014.

UM Celebrates Wins in Philippines, Singapore and Turkey

April 16, 2014

UM offices in the Philippines, Singapore and Turkey all recently celebrated new business wins.

UM Philippines has landed telecommunications company Huawie Technologies. Singapore scored with the Singex management company and UM Turkey picked up baby food manufacturer Numil.

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has signed UM Philippines to make its first foray into the country and to grow its smartphone and laptop business. To increase its market share, the first time advertiser is keen to tap social media and invest heavily in the mobile sector. The account was awarded to UM over competitor Starcom.

In Singapore, UM won the media planning, buying, strategy, digital and social media accounts for Singex, the management company of the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre. Singex is looking to UM to build the company’s profile regionally and across the globe, in an effort to attract venue marketers and ancillary service providers from the Americas, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Singex operates two business segments, Singex Venues and Singex Exhibitions. Singex Venues manages the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre and MaxAtria. Signex Exhibitions develops a portfolio of exhibitions and conventions relating to sustainability and technology for rehabilitative engineering.

UM Turkey also celebrates a win with baby food and clinical nutrition specialist Numil. UM will handle all media planning and buying as well as manage search, RTB, and social media for the brand.

Operating in Turkey since 1984. Numil came under the umbrella of Groupe Danone in 2007. In keeping with Turkey’s vision of fostering the growth of future healthy generations, the company will rebrand as Nutricia Mother & Infant Nutrition in 2014. Aptamil, Bebelac and Lactamil make up the main core of Nutricia’s consumer brands, specializing in the nutritional needs of breast feeding mothers and infants zero to three months of age.

UM Australia Wins Coca-Cola South Pacific

April 16, 2014

untitledFollowing a highly competitive pitch involving MediaCom and Starcom, UM Australia has been awarded the media account for Coca-Cola South Pacific.

Previously, Coke had split their media, strategic planning and buying arrangements between Naked Communications and Ikon. The UM appointment encompasses both planning and buying and is effective July 1, 2014.

“Winning any pitch is enormously gratifying, but winning the Coca-Cola business is about as good as it gets,” said Mat Baxter, CEO, UM Australia. “Coke is widely acknowledged as one of the best marketers in the world and having them as a client of UM Australia will only help propel our people and product to new heights.”

Congratulations to everyone in the Australian offices!

UM Studios Expands Across Asia Pacific

April 16, 2014

UM-Studios-logo-color-01Following successful launches in the U.S. and UK, UM Studios, UM’s branded content division, is set to expand across select markets in Asia Pacific.

UM Studios officially kicked-off in the U.S. in November of 2013. Earlier this year, UM London also celebrated the launch of UM Studios, building upon their robust team lead by Scott Holmes and James McAllister. Globally, UM Studios boasts over 70 specialists who work with local markets to develop stories and content experiences for brands.

Scott Donaton, Global Chief Content Officer, UM, commented, “We are at a point where brands have to think about content development and storytelling as something that threads through social media, TV spots and long-form video.  It should be treated less as a separate discipline, and brands need to make it a part of everything they do.”

According to Donaton, brands in Asia are showing strong interest in the content category. “There’s not a client that’s not having a discussion about this,” he said. “In India, it’s tied to integration in Bollywood films, and in other markets it’s about original content creation. It’s clear that every market has strong awareness of content marketing,” Donaton added.

Earlier this month, UM Studios hosted a special content marketing session at Advertising Week Europe.  The session, co-hosted by Scott Donaton and James McAllister, Content Director, UM Studios UK, featured Alan Partridge, co-founder and Baby Cow CEO, Henry Normal.

Look for UM Studios to expand even further in the coming months, spreading the message of how brands can create compelling content to reach their audience.

UM Dominates Festival of Media

April 16, 2014

FOM GlobalUM enjoyed a tremendous showing at both Festival of Media Asia (FOMA) and Festival of Media Global 2014, taking home a combined total of 17 honors. UM Australia was awarded Agency of the Year at both award ceremonies.

These wins are testament to UM’s commitment to Curious thinking and high standard of work across the globe. Congratulations to all the winning markets, you have done us proud!

Take a look at the long list of UM Festival of Media wins below.


Festival of Media Asia 

Agency of the Year – UM Australia

Best Entertainment Platform – UM Australia “Lambnesia” for Lamb

Best Consumer Research – UM Malaysia “Smiling is an Act of Charity” for Listerine

Best Social Media Strategy – UM Australia “XTL” for Department of Families, Housing, Communities and Indigenous Affairs

Best Creative Use of Media – UM Australia “Fast Front Pages” for News Corp Australia Metro Mastheads

Highly Commended – UM Malaysia “Finding Waze to FAST Food” for KFC

Festival of Media Global 

Agency of the Year – UM Australia 

Campaign of the Year – UM Australia “XTL” for Department of Families, Housing, Communities and Indigenous Affairs 

The Effectiveness Award – Gold –UM Sweden“The Loss Generator” for SBAB 

Best Entertainment Platform – Gold – UM Australia“Spend Your Lunch Well” for ING Direct

Best Event/Experiential Campaign – Gold – UM CanadaBudweiser Red Light” for Budweiser

Best Social Media Strategy – Gold – UM Australia“XTL” for Department of Families, Housing, Communities and Indigenous Affairs

Best Communications Strategy – Silver – UM Australia “Fast Front Pages” for News Corp Australia Metro Mastheads

The Creative Use of Media Award – Silver – UM United Kingdom“Xbox #Keycode” for Microsoft 

The Utility/Public Service Award – Silver – UM Australia“XTL” for Department of Families, Housing, Communities and Indigenous Affairs

Best Targeted Campaign – Bronze – UM Australia “XTL” for Department of Families, Housing, Communities and Indigenous Affairs

Best Use of Mobile – Bronze – UM Japan “Carrie Call” for Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Festival of Media Asia Pacific Awards were presented at the Capella Singapore, and celebrated the best in media for the Asia Pacific region.

The Festival of Media Global was launched in Venice in 2007 to worldwide industry acclaim. Drawing together the global leadership of media agency networks with the most innovative media owners and the world’s most powerful and progressive marketers, the Festival has become the premier forum of debate for an industry undergoing profound structural change.

This year’s conference and awards ceremony were held at the Rome Cavalieri Hotel in Rome, Italy, and celebrated the very best in media from around the world.

Congratulations to all the winners.

FEATURED CASE STUDY: ‘Smiling is an Act of Charity’- LISTERINE Rides on a Cultural Insight

April 16, 2014

‘Smiling is an Act of Charity’- LISTERINE Rides on a Cultural Insight

This month, we are proud to feature the Festival of Media Asia Pacific (FOMA) award-winning case study, “Smiling is an Act of Charity,” created for LISTERINE Malaysia. This campaign tool top honors at  FOMA in the Best Consumer Research category.


The mouthwash category is a fiercely fought category in Malaysia, with Listerine as the market leader. However, Malaysia has a 65 percent Muslim population and Listerine, could not penetrate a major chunk of the market due to religious reasons. Colgate Plax, was making inroads and denting Listerine’s market share.  Listerine found the solution in its new variant, “Natural Green Tea” mouthwash, which helps to prevent cavities, better than competition.  One of the biggest challenges was to make them try it for the first time as most of them hadn’t tried a Listerine before.

The packaging was green and that gave a direct reference to the traditional color of Islam and gave us a huge opportunity to restage Listerine amongst the Muslims.

We understood that our target required an emotional hook layered over the functional hook of anti-cavity protection, to draw them towards our proposition and also that we needed a subtle approach and not over the top shout-out kind of media and messaging.


Based on habit, behavior and mindset, we segmented the market and decided to target the “Millennial Malays”, this group which comprises of about 40 percent of the total Muslims in Malaysia, is defined by their struggle of juggling between modernism and traditional values.  This group is ambitious and forward looking, they want traditions to be an enabler in their success and not a hindrance, yet they also respect the values and are rooted to the extent which they feel is logical and right.

They believe in religious practices and traditions but don’t believe in sacrificing their modern lifestyle for following those. They are not to be mistaken for the ultra-westernized segment named as “White Malays” who do not believe in traditions at all.

In the Holy Book, Prophet Muhammad mentions, “Smiling is an act of charity” It is a ‘Saddaqah (Charity) that any Muslim can do even if he doesn’t have anything to give. This resonated well with the Millenial Malays and we built the whole campaign around the strategy of using this emotional and relevant hook to get them to try out Listerine Green tea and use it on a regular basis.  A natural smile coming from a cavity free mouth was the biggest end benefit and we leveraged it.

Media and messaging was strategically interwoven to target them at the right time, place and context via out of home, retail, online and radio. We launched the campaign specifically during the Holy month of Ramadhan to give it the additional credibility.


We realized that the end benefit of Listerine is a heartwarming natural smile, and everyone has a DIFFERENT smile. Some have a sly smile, some are dimpled. We wanted to celebrate our consumers and their unique smiles.

We set up Smile collection-points at strategic retail-locations across Malaysia and consumers were enticed with the “Act of Saddaqah” and we urged them to share their smiles, for each smile collected, Listerine would contribute cash & products towards charity.  When they arrived at the smile collection-point, they were asked to try out the new Listerine and then give their best smile, which was captured by our cameras. These smiles were posted on our Listerine Smile-wall on our site, on ground and on Facebook, thereby increasing the act of charity with a natural smile.

An important ritual of Ramadhan festival is “Balik Kampung” (Going to Village). These trips are associated with mile long traffic-jams.  We worked with the top two Malay Radio-Stations in Kuala-Lumpur to create a one of a kind experience. We aired our message simultaneously on these stations inviting drivers to ‘smile at the person in the car next to them if they heard the message’. As these two stations were most likely being played in the cars, it created a natural reaction from either car across the miles of traffic jams.

The activation gave thousands stuck in traffic-jams a genuine and natural moment of surprise, thus reinforcing the naturalness of the product, and re-interpreting Prophet’s teaching in modern context.

The Results:

We collected thousands of smiles for the campaign and the brand donated cash and products in charity to Orphanages in Malaysia. The smiling activation touched more than 2.1 million Muslims, and the campaign message reached an overwhelming 86 percent of the target audience.

The Green Tea Natural mouthwash resulted in tremendous response for the brand. Listerine Green Tea Mouthwash outperformed its rival Fresh Tea from Colgate and achieved 4 times the penetration.

Listerine Green Tea gained more than double the market share of Colgate Plax’s Fresh Tea, within a short time with 7% market share.

Green Tea Mouthwash became the highest performing variant within the Listerine Portfolio during the launch and the Smiles continue.


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